What you need to know for Foil Stamping projects

You need to make sure that your inks, varnishes and/or coatings are compatible with the processing (for example, wax-free) to ensure that the foil releases well on your project.

The inks, varnishes and/or coatings must be completely dry on the paper before we can begin processing your job.

A purchase order, job sample and press sheet must be provided with each job before the project can be started; it is necessary for the foil die to be an exact match to the press sheet.

If your project includes fine detail or intricate work, please discuss with our production office early in the process; we can provide opportunities to test foils for the best match in terms of release and lay-down.

Provide enough ‘overs’ to make count, and to also test (if required).  This is particularly important when a number of finishing and bindery processes are involved as overs are required at each stage of these various processes for make ready and running.

Avoid reversing out areas that are to be foil stamped.