Tipping and Attaching

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Hunkeler Tipping Machine – Universal Model, VEA 520

This machine has 2 feeders and comes with attachments for external gluing, insertions and gluing-in. Both cold glue or hot glue can be used as required.

This machine will glue end sheets, cards, fly-leaves to sheets and will insert into folded sheets.

Inserts can be one of the most powerful direct marketing vehicles. And by tipping-on or attaching one component to another, the power of the insert is multiplied: the target market will be engaged by the interactive requirement (pulling the component off). Pacific Bindery Services’ capabilities for tipping-on provide customers with a quick, easy and excellent quality solution.


Tipping-on and Attaching Specifications


Product Size Range Minimum Maximum
Length Through Feeder 2” 13”
Width Through Feeder 2 ¼” 13″
Thickness 0.0025” (2.5)pt 1”
Accuracy +/- 3/32”

Product Description: Credit/Membership Cards, signatures, inserts/leaflets, Mylar sheets, regular sheets of paper.

Hunkeler Universal Model, VEA 520

Outside gluing
Minimum size 4 x 2 ¾”
Maximum size 20 ½ x 12 ¼”

Stepped gluing
From fold 50 mm