PBS Wins a Product of Excellence Award for 20east66

Binding Industry Association Awards PBS with Another Product of Excellence Award

POE-PerfectBind3.jpg~originalCut, gather, polyurethane reactive glue (PUR), perfect bind and trim 32pp + 5 flush foldouts + cover 3000 books.

This is a beautiful pre-development piece for an upscale Madison Avenue Condo located on 66th St. in New York. Each floor of the building only has three suites, therefore, five flush foldouts were made as a part of the design to show the three floor plans and to showcase the key shopping area in Madison Avenue.

The difficult part of this booklet is in the binding of the five flush foldouts. Since the foldouts were full sized and flush at face, they were supplied to us pre-folded to final size for our binder.

When gathering the signatures, we had a team of handwork specialists pre-gather all the pages and then hand-feed the signatures into the binder. This ensures the highest quality binding because we control the pages and sheets that go into the book and minimize wastage. The design of the book includes images and text that crossover from one page to another. As you can see from the samples we’ve provided, the crossovers from one page to the next are perfectly lined up. This gives the book a seamless look throughout. Because the crossovers were folded and bound so beautifully, if there weren’t the small triangular corners cut out, you would not have known there was a foldout flap.