Canadian Printing Awards Winner – November 2015

Winner of 2 out of 3 Finishing Awards – Canadian Printing Awards

Pacific Bindery Services Ltd. (PBS) is proud to announce that we have won two of three Finishing Awards at the Canadian Printing Awards.  The awards were announced at the 10th Annual Gala in Toronto on November 13th, 2015.

PBS won gold for the St. Michelle String of Pearls catalogue and bronze for the PBS Holiday Card collection (a series of Christmas cards that were designed and produced in-house with laser cutting, foil stamping and embossing techniques).

An independent panel, judging with a blind scoring system, determined the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in 21 Quality Printing categories.

PBS named Graphic Finisher of the Year, 2014

PBS Honoured as Graphic Finisher of the Year by the Binding Industry Association for the Second Time

Vancouver, BC

Pacific Bindery Services Ltd. (PBS) was named Graphic Finisher of the Year, 2014 and winner of the Best of Show, 2014 by the International Binding Industries Association for the exceptional work done in PBS’ ‘Big Book’ self-promotion.

This recognition by the Association is for the outstanding promotional piece designed by Mia Lupton, Millennia Graphics. The  copywriting of the content was by Kris Bovay, printing by Hemlock Printers, soft touch lamination by R & M Laminating, and outstanding bindery and finishing techniques by the outstanding production team at Pacific Bindery Services.

The book demonstrates a wide range of PBS’ services including: mechanical binding, cover wrap prototype design and production, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, die making, die cutting, laser cutting, laser etching, laser rasterizing, fold-outs, glued pocket folders, kitting and assembly.

In addition to demonstrating a variety of services, PBS also provides valuable content and advice throughout the book in terms of best practices and techniques for binding and finishing.

Award Winning Specialty Binding – Pacific Bindery Services

Award of Recognition – Award Winning Pacific Bindery Services

Category Name: Stitching: Six & Eight Page Covers

Title of Entry: North Growth A/R

750 books. 36 pp + Z Cover perfect bound book attached to a 12 pp self-covered saddle stitched book.

The Z Cover is a 6 pp accordion folded to size cover with preapplied D-tape inside the spine along where the side glue would be on a perfect bound book. The 12 pp self-covered saddle stitched book was then stitched with one hold stitch in the middle.

After this process, the 12 pp self-covered saddle stitched book is then manually stitched into the Z cover with two regular stitches. Our perfect binder, at the same time, is putting together the 36 pp + cover perfect bound book where the cover is the same stock as the text pages to form a book block.

For the perfect bound book, all the text and cover were wrong grain. Both the saddle stitched book and the perfect bound book had to be trimmed to fit into the Z cover. Upon closer inspection of this book, you would notice that the Z cover is a “false cover” for the perfect bound book. The D-tape along the spine in the inside acts as the “side glue” to this perfect bound book.

With some creative thinking, this process was able to simulate two processes sharing a common cover, something that we had never done before.

Award of Recognition – Award Winning Stitching Pacific Bindery Services

Category Name: Undersized Stitching

Title of Entry: Bell Quick Start

36,750 books. 64 pp self covered 3” x 4 ½”. This book was gathered, stitched, and trimmed.

This book was run 2 up and 5-knife trimmed as the book is a small sized book. The minimum book size for our saddle stitcher is 3” x 3 ¾”. The width was achievable with a high-folio lip to a minimum of 4 5/16” wide. This book also had bleeds throughout. When a cover is flood printed black the way this one was, it is easy to scuff the front or back, therefore, extreme caution and careful handling was needed.

Certificate of Merit for PBS

BIA Awards Certificate of Merit to Pacific Bindery Services

Category Name: Miscellaneous Specialties – Other

Title of Entry: Degrees of Separation

800 books. Cut, collate, PUR perfect bound and trimmed 72 pp + cover, 8” x 4”, then insert into sleeves and individually shrinkwrapped.

This book is a postcard publication made from designers with a connection to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It’s a beautifully made book on 11pt gloss cover with a cover on 20 pt cover and laminated on one side. Because this book consisted of all cover stock, it was necessary to use polyurethane reaction (PUR) glue.

The inside pages were all pre-perforated along where the postcard can be ripped off. The sleeves were preformed with an open end and fits snugly around the book. The difficulty in this job is that it is a landscape book with heavy cover stock.

The entire book had to be pre-collated, then handfed onto the perfect binder. Another difficultly encountered was that there was type extremely close to the spine, therefore resulting in less of a grind in order to ensure text was still readable.

If too much or too little grind was taken off of the book, the book would not fit squarely into the sleeve. As you can see from the final product, the book fit perfectly into the sleeve and this work was recognized by BIA’s Certificate of Merit award for PBS at the annual product of excellence awards.

Benny Award Winner – Pacific Bindery Services

2006 Best of Category in the Premier Print Awards: Benny Award Winner

Category: Graphic Finishing, They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

Title of Entry: Coast Capital Savings

5,200 books. 34 pp plus envelope plus cover. Cut, tip-on, collate, Perfect Bound with Polyurethane Reactive adhesive and trim.

The challenge in this piece was to complete the bindery with minimum marking or scratching on the mirror card and acetate (sheets came already marked with hairline scratches from the press).

The use of varied stocks – 4.5 pt acetate; 12 pt C1S Mirrorcard; Titanium Text and Cover; and a 30lb Chartham translucent for envelope tip-on – presented significant machine running challenges. The envelope was tipped-on to the last signature – jogged to the head and inset 1/8” at face and foot. The acetate was cut in very small lifts.

All pieces were hand collated and then handfed on the perfect binder.

Product of Excellence (Best of Category)

Category: Stitching – Foldouts

Title of Entry: Briggs & Riley

70,000 books. 38 pp plus 6 pp cover. This book was cut, scored, gluefolded, gathered, stitched and trimmed.

The cover required full-size foldout on back, flush at face. Inside had three 6 pp roll signatures, each with 3 ¾” HF flap, flush at face; two 6 pp accordion signatures, each with 3 ¾” LF flap, flush at face and one parallel 8 pp signature with 3 ¾” accordion fold LF flap and 3 ¾” roll HF flap, flush at face.

All signatures had ½’ head and foot trims to allow glue folding to hold the folds when feeding through the stitcher. Glued head and foot allowances were trimmed off. Line ups were critical throughout and an adjustment had to be made to minimize one form that was printed slightly off.

Certificate of Merit Awards

Binding Industries Association Awards Certificate of Merit to  PBS

Category:  Adhesive Binding

Title of Entry: Vermillion Annual Report 2005

30,000 books. 28 pp plus 4 inserts plus 6 pp cover.

This book was cut, folded and Perfect Bound with Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive. Front cover has a full size fold out and is flush at face. The inserts were pre-trimmed and jogged to the foot and gathered between signatures.

The title of the A/R was “We’re stronger than ever”, the designer wanted the book to complement that message. A 12 pt Cover was used and a fold out front reinforced that sturdiness. Inside pages are a super smooth 100 lb text, interspersed with short sheets of 100 lb gloss.

Certificate of Merit Awards for Pacific Bindery Services

Category Name: Folding

Title of Entry: La Scala

2,500 books. 22 pp plus 8 foldouts and cover. Perfect Bound with Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive.

Lots of white space on this cover, which is very sensitive to marking. The design technique of having the foldouts vary (short and long; front opening and back opening) engaged the audience and increased the complexity. There were three foldouts that bound on the HF stub and three foldouts that bound on the LF stub – all were pre-folded, flush at face.

Additionally there were two short foldouts, also pre-folded and flush at face. Fit (opening and closing foldouts), pre-trimming, handfeeding, tight tolerances were all characteristics of this high end and demanding job.