Square Backing Stitched Books

Square backing stitched books helps to ‘flatten’ and square the spine of thicker books by about one third or 30%: for easier handling, packing, displaying and storing.  It also provides a much better looking, almost ‘faux perfect bound’, book.

Stitched books with more than 48 pages, and/or heavier weight paper stock, can have bulked up spines that make the books hard to open and hard to lay flat.  By squaring the spine of the stitched book – through applied pressure and feeding through a guided track, the spine is flattened instead of rounded and bulky.

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Square backing for stitched books:

A stitched book that looks like it has been perfect bound!

This system square backs stitched books in-line on our booklet maker or off-line. It provides you with an economical and good looking product. Booklets can be opened flat without damaging the spine.

  • The overall book bulk is reduced by at least one third, ensuring that flat booklets are easier to handle, stack and pack, move and store – and they look good.
  • The SquareBack™ spine can be printed on, just like a perfect bound book, however the fit can ‘float’ to some degree.

Square backing stitched books:

  • Maximum book size 12 x 13 ¾”
  • Minimum book size 3 13/16 x 4 ¾”
  • Maximum book thickness
    – up to 120 pages (20 lb bond) ¼” thick
  • * double pass mode may be required for thick books, with stiff covers
    Minimum thickness
    – recommend not fewer than 24 pages or 3/64” (square backing ‘thin’ books does not provide enough effect)
square backed stitched
Samples of Square Backed Stitched Books