Shipping and Receiving – Packing Your Project Carefully

The First Step in Our Process is Ensuring that We Receive Good Product:  The Importance of Shipping and Receiving Your Project Materials

Having your job come to our plant correctly is important to ensure your job is completed smoothly.

How do we prefer skids to arrive?

Different versions or form numbers need to be clearly identified on every skid. Please ensure the skid is properly secured. This protects your printed work as it moves from your plant to ours. On the top of one skid, there needs to be a Purchase Order, a Proof and Sample or Dummy for the PBS coordinator.

  • Press sheets: Packed with a lid or a board on top, strapped and then plastic-wrapped.
  • Pre-folded signatures or forms: Smaller skids need to be plastic wrapped (a lid is optional).  Larger skids (e.g. 40×48″) need to be plastic wrapped, and strapped with a lid.
  • Newsprint (also lightweight text papers, such as 50 lb.): The corners need to be well protected; the entire skid needs to be wrapped with a lid and/or strapping.

How should skids arrive in trailers?

When a project arrives in trailer it usually means that there is more than one skid being transported, if so, please ensure that all skids on the bottom are strapped very tightly and that the skids are loaded in balance and with blocks where necessary (preventing tipping in transit). Some of the skids on the bottom could be bearing up to 1500lbs on top! If the strapping is too loose, the skid on the bottom will be a disaster.

How do we prepare skids for shipping?

Carton-packed skids are wrapped tightly.  Product is packed into the best-fit cartons (and often into custom-ordered and/or customer-supplied cartons).  Skid-packed skids are wrapped with corners if necessary or requested by the customer. The skid is then strapped securely with lids to keep the product from moving or being damaged during transportation. The largest containers we have at PBS are Life Containers (40” x 28” x 28”). The life containers are self-contained with a full sized lid. Because of this, we generally only wrap them. However, if a container was going out of province or out of the country, we would strap large skids of cartons as well.

What are some major issues to avoid?

When wrapping skids, ensure that they are wrapped securely – this protects products as they are in transport. Do not plastic strap large skids because the plastic strap often breaks and the product could be damaged.

For more information on shipping to us, or on having us prepare your completed project for pick-up, please contact us.