PBS Services Checklist

Providing you with the best possible service is our goal!

To reach that goal, we ask that you use this services checklist when placing a binding or finishing order with us.

binding samples
Project Samples

We’d like to provide the best possible binding and finishing services to you.  Following this Services Checklist will help us provide you with the service you need and want:

  1. Provide a purchase order number, with detailed purchasing information:
    • Our quote number, if applicable
    • Job quantity, including overs accepted and samples required
    • Description of work to be done, including trim size and page count
    • Description of material supplied(for example,  paper name, colour, basis weight, and finish)
    • Packaging and Distribution instructions.
    • Date and time for completion – that is, ready-time for pick-up or shipping.
    • Instructions for left-overs: return or recycle.
    • Any special instructions or concerns that we need to know to provide the outcome you require.
    • If a repeat order, we would like a reference to the last order or orders (your job purchase order or our job docket information or estimate number) – this enables our production team to review specific last-order learning outcomes.
  2. A finished blueline and/or dummy or sample is always required for the bindery department.  A printed press sheet is always required for foil stamping, embossing, debossing and/or die cutting services in our finishing department.

To calculate the overs required for your job, please visit the Waste Allowance worksheet on this site.