Mechanical Binding – Wire-o® and Plastic Coil

Mechanical binding allows the book to be opened a full 360 degrees. Best for high-use and frequently-used products (such as reference books, cook books, calendars, brochures, etc.).  Well suited for short, medium and long runs.  This is a strong and durable binding that will last a long time. Lays flat.  Looks clean, elegant and professional.

The mechanical binding process works with paper grain either long or short and with a wide variety of papers, weights, and finishes (from board to Mylar).

Using Wire-o®

  • the pages open up without a step-up.
  • two page spreads will cross-over cleanly.

Using Spiral Coil

  • note: pages step-up when opened due to placement of holes, therefore cross-overs are to be avoided.

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Plastic spiral coil with oval holes

This binding requires coiling a plastic binding material in a spiral format through holes punched along the spine of the book. The book can be opened 360 degrees and will lay flat when opened. Plastic spiral coils are available (not all colours are stocked by PACIFIC BINDERY, but can be special ordered) in 45 colours.

Wire-o® loops with rectangular holes (also known as double loop binding)

Wire-o ® binding is produced using pre-formed wire loops that are bound in pairs down the spine of a book. Wire-o ® bound books can be opened 360 degrees (for single-handed use such as cook books) and will lay flat when opened.

Wire-o ® binding is an attractive method of binding. It holds up well to high use and is available in eight colours (not all are stocked at PACIFIC BINDERY, but can be special ordered) – white, cream, blue, green, red, gold, pewter and black. One of the advantages of Wire-o ® binding is that mixed paper stocks and weights can be easily used in the same product. Additionally, foldouts, pockets, index tabs and die cuts and other creative options can be easily incorporated in the wire-o ® bound product. A hidden spine (wrap around cover) can provide a printable spine for Wire-o ® bound books.

Punches for Mechanical binding: Lhermite Auto (2) and Sickinger Manual (1)

All three punches are capable of either oval (for plastic spiral coil) or rectangular (for Wire-o ®) hole punching. With three punches available, speed and efficiency of punching and then sending on to the next step (coiling or wire-o) becomes a fast and productive process.

Mechanical Binding Specifications

Plastic Spiral Coil (with oval holes)
Minimum book size 3 x 3 ½”
Maximum spine size with auto crimp 13 3/8”
Maximum spine size with manual crimp 17”
Maximum book thickness 1 ¾”
Minimum gutter margin 3/8”

  • 4:1 holes for coil diameter > 10mm

Wire-O ®* Binding (with rectangular holes)
* Wire-O ® is a registered trademark of James Burn Int’l.
Minimum book size 2 ½ x 3 1/4”
Maximum book size 14 x 14”
Maximum book thickness 1.1”
Minimum gutter margin:

  • for books < 9/16” thick 3/8”
  • for books > 5/8” thick ½”
  • 3:1 holes for loop diameter < 9/16”
  • 2:1 holes for loop diameter > 5/8”

Lhermite380 Auto Punch (2 available)
Minimum size book 3 7/8 x 5 ¼”
Maximum size book 15 x 15″

Sickinger Manual Punch
Minimum width 2 ½”
Maximum spine – single pass 13″
Maximum spine – double pass 17″


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Plastic Spiral Coil Binding
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Spiral Coiling