Lay Flat Perfect Binding

What is Lay Flat Perfect Binding?

We have two large perfect binders (one 18-pocket and one 21-pocket) and one short-run perfect binder.  The 21-pocket binder has the lay flat binding capability. Lay flat perfect binding allows a book to open and ‘lay-flat’ without cracking the spine of the book.  How?  By gluing the text pages to a mull paper, and then gluing that text block with the mull paper to the cover.

In Western Canada and North West USA, Lay Flat is available only at Pacific Bindery Services.

Lay Flat is recommended for high or heavy-use books, heavily coated, highly calendered, and thick paper stock  (cookbooks, manuals, reference books, catalogues, swatch books, etc.).

It is particularly economical on medium to long-runs when it is used as an alternative to mechanical binding.

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Why Lay Flat Binding: Features, Advantages and Benefits

Our lay flat perfect binder is equipped with a mull unit for binding the gathered text pages to the cover spine.

The Lay Flat process: Inside text pages are bound to mull paper using polyurethane reactive or PUR as the adhesive (Important note: PUR is used for the spine glue for all Lay Flat books produced at Pacific Bindery Services.)

The book block is then adhered to inside covers of the book, allowing pages to lay-flat without cracking the spine.

Lay-Flat binding is great for long use and for its lay-flat, lay-open properties.

It eliminates the potential for cracking or breaking the spine when opening the book to lay-flat. Inside margins can be reduced as the book pages will open to the spine and lay-flat.

Important Note:  To support the lay flat properties of the binding, it is strongly recommended that the paper is printed correct grain to enable the pages to lay flat (rather than have the pages ‘fight’ to stand up which they will do with wrong grain).  Additionally, books that are very thin and/or very narrow do not lay flat with ease – the design and size struggles to lay flat and open.  Please talk to our production department for more information on this process.

lay flat perfect binding
Sample Lay Flat Perfect Binding
lay flat perfect bound
Close view of Lay Flat Perfect Bound Book
perfect binding knock out
Lay Flat: Required Glue Knock-Outs