Laser Rasterizing

Laser rasterizing is the process of using the laser beam to burn holes (or pixels) to create an image.

Rasterizing creates texture and depth for fine and/or coarse image reproduction by adjusting and controlling the cut (or burn) of dots per inch (dpi) – which often range from 75 to 25 dpi.

The effect is outstanding, surprising and can provide a ‘see-through’ effect that engages the audience.

When rasterizing a duplex stock or printed paper, the effective will be dramatic when the colour contrast is strong and shows through to the page below or the inside of the duplex stock.

Laser rasterizing is ideal for highlighting the depth, shadows, details and textures of images uniquely.

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The best images to use for rasterizing are images that provide opportunity for visual impact; the effect on the graphic will be outstanding. You can create a rasterized image which provides fine or coarse detail through the dots per inch used.

The image to the lower right demonstrates the Paper Laser Cutting machine as it burns an etched and rasterized image into the paper – yes, it can do both laser etching and rasterizing in the same process (half and half in this example).

Our Paper Laser Cutting machine can accept sheet sizes as large as 20 x 28″ and as small as business card size.

Paper weight or thickness required for laser rasterizing: a minimum of 10 pt. to a maximum of 25 pt. caliper. Substrates outside of the minimum and maximum thickness can be tested.

With intricate and/or detailed designs, we need to ensure that the graphic image is ‘self supporting’ (that it does not fall or tear apart when handled).  Involving us in the early stages of the design process will help you to create the best end result.

Create texture and depth by adjusting and controlling the cut of the dots per inch

Note:  Because you are ‘burning’ the image when rasterizing paper with a laser , there is often a tone or tint around the ‘burned out’ images. This effect can be minimized and/or masked – talk to your production coordinator at PBS to find out more.

laser etch paper
Sample of Paper Laser Cutting, Etching and Rasterizing
laser etch
Laser Etch and Laser Rasterized