Laser Etching

laser etch
Laser Etch and Laser Rasterized
Laser etching is the ‘sculpting’ of paper with a laser beam.  The etching depth can be varied from a gentle to a more heavily engraved image; or variations of depth can be created in the same image to enhance shadows and texture. Etching provides an unusual ‘look and feel’ and the effect is outstanding and memorable.

The image on the right shows the laser burning both an etched and rasterized flower image on white, unprinted paper; half the image is laser rasterized and the other half is etched.

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We use one machine to laser cut, laser etch and laser rasterize. This finishing process is perfectly suited for use in intricate, detailed work, such as business cards, brochure covers, greeting cards, wedding invitations, retail projects (e.g. shadow boxes, artwork and stationary products), packaging cartons and labels, folders, invitations and much more.

Etching provides the shadows and depth that images need to ‘pop’ and the texture that is needed to be memorable and to have impact.

Our Paper Laser can handle both coated and uncoated papers however the additional fiber in the uncoated paper provides a better, and stronger, substrate for etching.  We can produce one sheet or thousands however this process is not fast (compared to many other print and post press processes); on average it takes one to two minutes to laser etch, cut or rasterize an image from a sheet of paper.

Paper weight or thickness requirement:  For laser etching (also known as laser engraving), we require a minimum of 10 pt. caliper to a maximum of 25 pt. caliper.  We have handled thicker substrates for specific projects however we recommend testing the material before proceeding with a production run.