Laser Cutting Paper

Laser Cutting Paper or Other Substrates

Our Laser Cutting Paper system cuts (or actually ‘burns’) designs with exact precision.

While laser cutting provides you with exceptionally fine and precise cutting – especially on curves and tight corners (it can cut intricate and detailed shapes that are difficult to achieve with steel rule die cutting) – laser etching or engraving actually removes a layer of paper and provides shadows, contrast and see-through characteristics.

Laser rasterizing creates texture and depth by adjusting and controlling the cut of dots per inch to create the desired image reproduction (ranging from a very ‘open’ image, or a tightly ‘closed’ image using the holes of dots per inch – hard to describe in writing – ask us for a sample to demonstrate these techniques).

Finishing paper or other substrates with a laser beam is particularly useful in intricate and detailed designs; and the machine can be set up to cut one piece, hundreds, or thousands of pieces.

If you need detailed designs cut, our solution is computerized laser cutting of your material (such as cards, folders, brochure covers, stencils for signage, laser cutting stickers, crafts, labels, and more).

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Laser Cutting Paper:  As with all finishing and binding services, we strongly recommend using the best-fit application for the marketing message.  For example, use laser cutting to demonstrate and reinforce a message that communicates beauty, detail and precision.  We’ll help you test and develop the best solution for your needs.

Both coated and uncoated papers can be laser cut; however the additional fiber typically found in uncoated papers provides a better, stronger, substrate.

Paper weight or thickness requirement

  • For laser cutting: from a minimum of 70 lb up to a maximum of 25 pt. caliper.
  • For laser etching, engraving or rasterizing:  from a minimum of 10 pt. to a maximum of 25 pt. caliper.

We can handle thicker substrates (than 25 pt caliper); for best results substrates thicker than 25 pt. caliper (both the type of material and the image will have an effect on the outcome) need to be tested.

Most of the work that we’ve produced on our machine is design work that tests our knowledge and capability, as well as tests the technology.

Our Laser Cutting Paper machine can cut or burn small sized sheets (hand fed business card size and automatic feeding at 5 1/2 x 8″), up to 20 x 28″.

The cutting or ‘burning’ of graphic images with a laser allows a level of detail and precision not always available in die cutting.  This process is particularly designed to be efficient for short runs (under 2000 pieces), however we have laser cut up to 35,000 pieces for a client project. The average ‘burn’ time per page, depending on the intricacies of design, is one to two minutes.

laser etch paper
Laser Cutting, Etching and Rasterizing Sample
Laser Cutting Paper Sample