Glue Laminating

Glue laminating is a great solution for point of purchase (POP) displays! Laminated posters, displays, box toppers, easels, and brochure stands are just some of the powerful POP promotional pieces that depend on eye-catching images to trigger consumer response or action.

We adhere your well-designed and printed sheets to card stock or millboard and then die cut those pieces to ensure crisp and compelling communication.  We can also adhere two pieces of heavier weight papers together for business cards, presentation pieces, or other marketing or communication materials.

If you want packaging that stands-out, consider having us laminate a printed litho ‘skin’ to your box.  Print your marketing message on one side, protect the printed ‘skin’ with a gloss, matte or soft touch plastic laminate, and then we’ll glue laminate the litho skin to the corrugated cardboard, or other stock, to create a package that promotes your product.

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When glue laminating or ‘mounting’ two substrates together it is important to be aware of, and understand, the strengths and weaknesses of the substrates.

Additionally, it is important to laminate the two sheets together in ‘opposing’ grain directions – to enable the sheet to lay flat (rather than to encourage it to curl up in one direction).

We can automatically glue laminate or we can mount the two pieces together by hand.

  • Maximum sheet size is 28 x 40″
  • Minimum sheet size is 1 1/2 x 3″
  • Minimum basis weight is 70 lb. text (to be mounted to a board or heavier weight substrate)