Folding Services

Exceptional folding requires exceptionally talented and skilled operators … and we have them.  Our experienced staff produces a wide range of folding, including map, signature, accordion fold, roll fold, miniature, French fold, gate fold (including double gate and double double gate folding), glue folding, form-velopes, perforating, soft folding, remoistenable gluing inline on our folders or offline, and fugitive gluing when required.  We provide services ranging from the simple to the complex.  Additionally we have been able to create custom solutions specific to our clients’ needs in direct mail and commercial printing applications.

PACIFIC BINDERY has the capability to produce pocket folders, remoist forms, tip-ons, blow-ins, and other projects that can be folded and/or glued, and finished with other specialties.  Depending on the solution, we use hot, cold, remoist and/or fugitive glues.

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Folding, Scoring, Perforating, Glue Folding

A wide range of folding, scoring and perforating.

Folding, Scoring, Perforating Specifications

MBO T49 (F1)

Minimum sheet size 4 x 5”
Maximum sheet size 20 x 28”
Minimum folded panel size 1 7/8”
Maximum folded panel size 18”
Slitting gutter minimum 3/16”
– maximum 1”
Capable of custom gluing as well as spine booklets

MBO B30-S (F2)

Minimum sheet size 6 x 6”
Maximum sheet size 30 x 41”
Minimum folded panel size 2 5/8”
Maximum folded panel size 25 ½”
Maximum width double gate-folding in 1st or 2nd unit 22 ½”

(2) Stahl TH82

Minimum sheet size 5 ½ x 7”
Maximum sheet size 32 ¼ x 50”
Minimum folded panel size 2 1/8”
Maximum folded panel size 24 3/8”

Stahl T36 Folder 4/4 (Mini)

Minimum sheet size 3 ¼ x 3 29/32″
Maximum sheet size 14 3/16 x 20 15/32″
Minimum folded panel size 15/16″
Maximum folded panel size 13 ¾”
1 gutter attachment available


Minimum sheet size (F2) 6 x 11 7/8”
Maximum sheet size 30 11/16 x 45 5/8”
Minimum fold panel size (for gatefold panels only – F2) 3”
Minimum gap 1/8”
Minimum gap in 2nd unit 3/16”

Soft folding (feeder)

Minimum sheet width 6”
Maximum sheet width 18 ½”
Minimum sheet length 4 ¾”
Maximum sheet length 15 ¾”
Maximum thickness depends on size, stock and grain direction

Stahl EF63 Knife Unit

Minimum width 6”
Maximum width 24 ¾”
Minimum length 4”
Maximum length 15 ¾”