Foil Stamping

Foil stamping allows your designs to catch the eye of your audience; it adds high value impact and can be a beautiful design element.

With both manual and automatic foil stamping machines (or presses as they are known) available in our operation, we offer the flexibility for producing short, medium and long production runs.  Because you want the best results for your project we work with high end copper and brass dies which produce excellent results.

Beautiful foil stamping comes from using the best dies, the right combination of heat and pressure, excellent quality foil – and the ‘right’ foil with the ‘right’ release for your project – and the knowledge and the skill to apply all the elements effectively.

We do all of that – and more.

Our highly experienced and trained foil stamp operators work with our production team to ensure that the results are the best that can be achieved.

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There are a number of foil finishes available, which really provides great variety for graphic design and communication effectiveness; including metallic, glossy, matte, pearlescent, holographic, and patterned finishes.

Additionally, there are some semi-transparent foils which allow the paper to show through and which, when used with embossing or debossing, accentuate the message beautifully.  Embossing or debossing a foil stamped image provides more depth and texture to your project.

Some foils can also be printed on/over which can create a very unique and custom look: request ‘printable’ foils if you choose this option. In addition to stocking a wide range of foils, we can also access custom foils on request.

Using foil in combination with embossing or debossing creates a strong visual statement, emphasizes the depth of the emboss or deboss, and highlights your message.

Our customer service group is able to work with you to assess and develop the best combination of foil, and embossing or debossing if requested, to provide the exceptional results that you need and want. You can trust our talented professionals to deliver the best possible result.

We have the largest number of foiling machines in Western Canada and an experienced department of craftspeople who have been foil stamping, embossing, debossing and die cutting for many years.

The largest sheet size is 28 x 40″ and we can go as small as a business card size on our hand fed machines; the smallest size on our automatic machines is 5 1/2 x 8″.

Paper thickness must be a minimum of 5 pt. and can range up to 80 pt caliper for chipboard.  Heavyweight thickness corrugated stock may crush when feeding; we recommend testing the substrate first.  In addition to paper, we have foil stamped Mylars, vinyls and plastics; to ensure the best results we recommend testing your particular specialty substrate prior to production.

We are able to produce exceptional results and have a wide variety of equipment to work with; allowing us the flexibility and the depth to provide you with quality services.

foil die, emboss die
Note the foil and emboss die samples along with other finished products.
copper die
Adjusting the Copper Die for Foil Stamping