Design Prototype

We understand the importance of producing a design prototype prior to committing to a production run; particularly in packaging design.

Does the package get stored in a retail environment?  Will it be used as part of the product branding?  What type of material or substrate do you want to use for the prototype (it should closely reflect the end product)?  Are there shipping or mailing restrictions that need to be considered?  Is the package part of a series or is it a stand-alone piece?  What is the weight of the contents of the package? Are the contents breakable or hazardous? All of these questions are just the start of the prototype process.  Once the design and prototype is approved, we can move quickly into the production process.

Most often design prototypes are required, and built, for packaging products.  We work with you, or your clients, to promote your brand and your product; to protect and present the contents; to enable efficient packing, handing, and distribution; and to communicate the required information on the package (and, often, within the package).

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We offer ‘editing’ services for existing package design.  For new packages, we can create package die-lines from provided dimensions, product sample(s), and through a discussion of product needs.

In addition to creating the package die-lines from supplied information and/or files, we can develop prototypes, produce dies, die cut the packaging materials, crease, laminate, laser cut, foil stamp and/or emboss the package. Note: some limitations applicable due to substrates used and/or caliper or thickness of material.  We recommend testing product and materials prior to production runs.

We have a talented team of design prototype specialists who gather all the relevant information and use that data to create new concepts and new ideas for your projects or to adapt the existing creative that you provide.  We work in a consultative environment and understand that your clients need the best solutions in the shortest possible time.


die cut carton
Folder and Cartons: Die Cut, Folded and Assembled