D-Taping is a glue-less solution that is used when glue or adhesive is not easily applied or when it might not be strong enough (or wide enough) to hold together.

Neat and precise strips of pressure sensitive removable or permanent adhesives can be applied in various widths: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″.

D-Taping can be a challenging part of the finishing process; the fit needs to be clean and straight, and it needs to hold.

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D-Taping is used as a glue-less solution for products, such as display boards, folders, window advertisements, point of purchase displays or materials, and more.  You can be confident in our abilities; we can meet and exceed your expectations with our finishing services.

The maximum sheet size that we can accommodate is 40″.

We can manually or automatically apply D-Tape strips: we provide automatic D-Taping for strip, edge, and spot application with a six strip machine (we can also hand-apply for odd sizes or small quantities.