Bindery Handwork | Assembly, Gluing & Easels

Bindery handwork, fulfillment, inserting, d-taping, kitting and assembly are some of the additional services we provide to our customers.

Project size can vary from small to large (for example, from 20 to thousands).

We specialize in understanding what you want and need, and seeing if there is a more efficient, time-saving method to do the work.  We consult with you to ensure that the project delivers the results you want and need.

We have the resources, the organization, and the space to focus on delivering your project as scheduled.


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We have a team of more than 20 talented employees who specialize in projects that include gluing, folding, collating, d-taping, kit assembly, applying, wrapping, inserting, package assembly, and even more!

The work we do for you can supplement your in-house capabilities.

We handle both large and small volume projects (and everything in between).

From assembling 20,000 calendars, easels, instructions and shrink wrapping within a tight time frame, to glue laminating 12 poster boards for a short notice, high level meeting – we can do it all.

Bindery handwork is one of our specialties – we have more than 100 years of accumulated experience is this service area.


hand gluing
Gluing, Folding and Assembly by Hand