New High Strength Perfect Binding Adhesive for Short Run, Digital Jobs

PBS has added a new, high strength perfect binding adhesive for your short run jobs.

We have researched, found, and recently completed comprehensive testing of, a new high strength EVA (HS-EVA) for your short run perfect binding jobs.   Effective immediately, this perfect binding adhesive is the standard on our short run perfect binder and provides an excellent solution for digitally printed projects.

The Benefits

This HS-EVA provides you with the following characteristics for Perfect Bound work (these characteristics are in relation to standard EVA, not PUR):

  • Improved adhesion to paper edges (i.e. better page pulls)
  • Adheres exceptionally well to the toner and silicone oils of digitally printed products
  • Reacts better than most adhesives to the drier environment of, and papers used in, digital print
  • Higher oil resistance
  • Improved heat and cold resistance
  • Visually more attractive (although a small area) – the HS-EVA is more white than the more ‘yellow’ EVA

A key benefit of this new adhesive is that we can produce short run work on our #3 perfect binder, with reduced overs and shorter make-ready times, and therefore offer this service at a better price than running the project with PUR on our 21 pocket perfect binder. As with most new products, this glue is more expensive than the standard EVA –we have not increased or changed our prices and are absorbing the additional time for cleaning and preparation required when using the HS-EVA – to ensure that you get the best value from this improvement.

The Result

We have committed 100% to this new HS-EVA on our short run perfect binder.  You will save on cost and receive a quality product.  To find out more, please contact our Production Coordinators or Estimators at 604-873-4291.

Note:  While the new HS-EVA is a substantial improvement over the standard adhesive used in perfect binding, it does not have all the characteristics of Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) glue – we still believe that PUR is the best available adhesive for binding high use; thick, thin, and/or specialty substrates; heavily inked pages; and other high-end uses.