Award Winning Bindery

2005 PBS Recognized for Exceptional Work with Benny, Printing Industries of America, Premier Printing Awards

Award Winning Bindery in Vancouver BC

Title of entry: We’re Building.

Two perfect bound books are bound into the same ‘Z’ cover.

We folded the cover on the outside hinge of the thin book side as we would for a standard 6 pp gate cover. We did this so the ‘end’ of the cover did not interfere with the side glue of the thick book when bound on the binder. Perfect bound the 32 pp self without a cover – spine glue only and trimmed to size.

Extreme care was needed to ensure that the book was trimmed to the right size – which was somewhat of an unknown at this binding point. We perfect bound the thick book without the cover.

We needed to take extreme care to ensure that the book was face trimmed only to the right size so that all the components fit in the end. Head and foot trim was done on the last pass. In the third pass the thicker book was bound with the 6 pp cover. We ground the spine to fit the face edge. It was bound such that the gate of the cover is on the bottom of the trimmer as we could only trim 1 book at a time because of fold out protrusion from the front of the book.

Cutting the cover was extremely critical. Also needed to ensure that the 32 pp (already processed and trimmed) fit the cover which needed to be flush at the face. Cover had all 4 scores for the 32 pp pre-scored. Once the thick book portion was complete, cover was reverse folded and 32 pp book was d-taped into spine of cover. 88 pp book was PUR glued, 32 pp was hot melt glued. All three passes on our 21 pocket perfect binder.