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Award of Recognition – Award Winning Pacific Bindery Services

Category Name: Stitching: Six & Eight Page Covers

Title of Entry: North Growth A/R

750 books. 36 pp + Z Cover perfect bound book attached to a 12 pp self-covered saddle stitched book.

The Z Cover is a 6 pp accordion folded to size cover with preapplied D-tape inside the spine along where the side glue would be on a perfect bound book. The 12 pp self-covered saddle stitched book was then stitched with one hold stitch in the middle.

After this process, the 12 pp self-covered saddle stitched book is then manually stitched into the Z cover with two regular stitches. Our perfect binder, at the same time, is putting together the 36 pp + cover perfect bound book where the cover is the same stock as the text pages to form a book block.

For the perfect bound book, all the text and cover were wrong grain. Both the saddle stitched book and the perfect bound book had to be trimmed to fit into the Z cover. Upon closer inspection of this book, you would notice that the Z cover is a “false cover” for the perfect bound book. The D-tape along the spine in the inside acts as the “side glue” to this perfect bound book.

With some creative thinking, this process was able to simulate two processes sharing a common cover, something that we had never done before.

Award of Recognition – Award Winning Stitching Pacific Bindery Services

Category Name: Undersized Stitching

Title of Entry: Bell Quick Start

36,750 books. 64 pp self covered 3” x 4 ½”. This book was gathered, stitched, and trimmed.

This book was run 2 up and 5-knife trimmed as the book is a small sized book. The minimum book size for our saddle stitcher is 3” x 3 ¾”. The width was achievable with a high-folio lip to a minimum of 4 5/16” wide. This book also had bleeds throughout. When a cover is flood printed black the way this one was, it is easy to scuff the front or back, therefore, extreme caution and careful handling was needed.