Certificate of Merit for PBS

BIA Awards Certificate of Merit to Pacific Bindery Services

Category Name: Miscellaneous Specialties – Other

Title of Entry: Degrees of Separation

800 books. Cut, collate, PUR perfect bound and trimmed 72 pp + cover, 8” x 4”, then insert into sleeves and individually shrinkwrapped.

This book is a postcard publication made from designers with a connection to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It’s a beautifully made book on 11pt gloss cover with a cover on 20 pt cover and laminated on one side. Because this book consisted of all cover stock, it was necessary to use polyurethane reaction (PUR) glue.

The inside pages were all pre-perforated along where the postcard can be ripped off. The sleeves were preformed with an open end and fits snugly around the book. The difficulty in this job is that it is a landscape book with heavy cover stock.

The entire book had to be pre-collated, then handfed onto the perfect binder. Another difficultly encountered was that there was type extremely close to the spine, therefore resulting in less of a grind in order to ensure text was still readable.

If too much or too little grind was taken off of the book, the book would not fit squarely into the sleeve. As you can see from the final product, the book fit perfectly into the sleeve and this work was recognized by BIA’s Certificate of Merit award for PBS at the annual product of excellence awards.

Adhesive Binding Awards for PBS

Award of Recognition – Binding Industries Association

Category Name: Adhesive Binding Awards: Six and Eight Page Covers

Title of Entry: YVR A/R

1500 books. Cut, fold, gather, PUR perfect bound and trimmed 7 5/8” x 10”, 98 pp + cover. Then cut, and fold dust jacket and wrap flaps to inside front cover and inside back cover.

Just like the theme of the YVR annual report this year, this book is definitely “beyond, every day”. The inside of the dust jacket tells you to “judge this book by its cover”.

The dust jacket is something that we’ve not seen before, with a beautifully sturdy design that could not have been done without collaboration with a bindery.

Throughout the book, the lineups and crossovers are accurate to the pixel. As annual reports are often used to show the success of a company, the design must flow through not only the printer, but the binder for the final result to show through. There are two foldouts throughout the book, one being a 6-page foldout, both are inset 1/8” at the face.

The YVR report has definitely gone above and beyond, every day.

Award of Recognition

Category Name: Adhesive Binding Awards: Undersized
Title of Entry: AIGA Mission

310 books. Cut, collate, PUR perfect bind and trim 32 pp + cover. The final trimmed size of the book is 3 ½” x 4 ½”, while our specifications states that the minimum trimmed size on our perfect binder is 3 7/8” x 5 7/16”.

This was achieved through perfect binding the book at the size of 4” x 5 ¾” then trimming the final book offline to 3 ½” x 4 ½”.

In addition to a small size, the book was extremely thin, about 3 mm in thickness. Our minimum thickness is 2 mm. The combination of a thin book with a small size was not the greatest challenge of all.

If you look inside, the book has beautifully aligned crossovers throughout the entire book, not only from left folios to right folios but also from the right folios to the next page. To achieve such a high quality turnout could only be done through a very strict quality control process found at our plant.

This is a piece of work we are all proud of.