Award of Recognition for PBS

Award of Recognition

Category Name: Adhesive Binding: Flush Covers

Title of Entry: Westin Napa

800 books. Cut, gather, PUR perfect bound and trimmed, 11” x 11” 13-2 pp French-folded sheets + 2-2 pp sheets + cover.

This book is a delicious work of art and the award of recognition from Binding Industries Association recognizes that; from the rich imagery to the textured paper to the large format all work together to result in an outstanding book with a high degree of difficulty. Text pages were supplied as pre-folded French folded sheets. As a result of French folded text pages, the book must first go through a pre-gather on the perfect binder, and the cover must be pre-scored and flush at face.

The type of stock used for the cover page, Curious Soft Touch Cover, was a challenging paper stock as it was difficult to separate one sheet from another. The spine grind had to be exact or else the cover would not be flush with the text inside. A normal perfect bound book would not have a problem with keeping a flush face as it would be trimmed three sides. But with French folded sheets, the cover had to fit perfectly around the book block with little room for movement.

Certificate of Merit

Category Name: Finishing and Die Cutting

Title of Entry: Vermillion Energy Trust 06 A/R

27,100 books. 18 pp + 8 pp double gatefold + cover + tipped on 16 pp SC saddle stitched book to IBC with fugitive glue. The cover was a double thick cover pre-scored and diecut net at face with 1/8” overhang head and foot.

The total thickness of the cover was 22.2 pts thick, requiring PUR glue. The insides were provided as four, six and eight page signatures with an 8 page double gatefolder, pre-folded and inset 1/8” from face. The most challenging part of all was the tipping of a 16 pp SC saddle stitched book to the inside back cover.

It isn’t often you see a saddle stitched book within a perfect bound book. The amount of handwork to attach the saddle stitched book required a three-man team. One to apply the glue and two to immediately stick the book into the back cover within seconds before the glue dried. The time constraints in tipping made this book an exceptional one-of-a-kind annual report.