Binding and Finishing Awards

Product of Excellence (Best of Category) – Binding and Finishing Awards

Category: Adhesive binding – Overhangs

Title of Entry: La Scala

2,500 books. 22 pp plus 8 foldouts and cover.

Perfect Bound with Polyurethane Reactive adhesive. Lots of white space on this cover, very sensitive to marking. The design technique of having the foldouts vary (short and long; front opening and back opening) engaged the audience and increased the complexity.

There were 3 foldouts that bound on the HF stub and 3 foldouts that bound on the LF stub – all were pre-folded, flush at face. Additionally there were 2 short foldouts, also pre-folded and flush at face. Fit (opening and closing foldouts), pre-trimming, handfeeding, tight tolerances were all characteristics of this high end and demanding job.

Award of Recognition – Binding and Finishing Awards

Category:  Finishing and Die Cutting

Title of Entry: Burtek Connexion Magazine (French/English versions)

16,000 books. 52 pp with 2 pp insert and tip-on and 4 pp Newsprint insert plus Cover.

Cut, fold, gather, Perfect Binding with Polyurethane Reactive adhesive and trim and tip-on.

The design of this project was focused on achieving a very tactile and interactive piece. From the debossed front cover, to the embossed back cover, to the removable ‘door hanger’ and finally to the newsprint nestled in between glossy coated papers.

This job required precision tip-on for fit onto 2 pp insert, which was then cut to match folded signatures (inserted between pages 8 and 9).  A 4 pp Newsprint section was inserted into the center of 8 pp (pages 41 to 48).

Product of Excellence Awards

Product of Excellence Awards (Best of Category)

For: Quadrant Homes

Category: Stitching – Undersize or Oversized

Title of Entry: Quadrant Homes

20,000 books. 20 pp with pocketed cover. Perfect Bound with Polyurethane Reactive adhesive.

This book was uniquely designed as an involvement piece: the T perforation allowed the audience to tear off reply cards and give to friends and/or family.

The inside horizontal pocket allowed the customer to insert additional material into the inside of the middle of the pocket. Inside Back Cover with a 10 1/2” glued pocket with a “T” perforation on one half of the pocket (business reply card), with the other half glued to the Inside Back Cover. One of the inside text 4 pp signatures had a 5” horizontal glued pocket, without glue tabs.

Product of Excellence (Best of Category)

Category: Folding – Special, Unusual or Difficult Folds

Title of Entry: Resorts (Whistler)

65,000 books. 64 pp plus business reply card plus accordion fold front cover.

This book was cut, folded and Perfect Bound. To achieve the unusual accordion fold front cover, fugitive glue was used to gluefold front cover into position.

The edge of foldout had to be adjusted from supplied sample to ensure correct binding. The cover was cut to overhang signatures by ¼” at the head and foot.

After glue folding the accordion fold into position, the insert was pre-trimmed and pre-perforated and inserted, and the book was perfect bound and trimmed inline. The trimming cut off the glue on the cover holding the accordion fold in position.