Benny Award Winner – Pacific Bindery Services

2006 Best of Category in the Premier Print Awards: Benny Award Winner

Category: Graphic Finishing, They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

Title of Entry: Coast Capital Savings

5,200 books. 34 pp plus envelope plus cover. Cut, tip-on, collate, Perfect Bound with Polyurethane Reactive adhesive and trim.

The challenge in this piece was to complete the bindery with minimum marking or scratching on the mirror card and acetate (sheets came already marked with hairline scratches from the press).

The use of varied stocks – 4.5 pt acetate; 12 pt C1S Mirrorcard; Titanium Text and Cover; and a 30lb Chartham translucent for envelope tip-on – presented significant machine running challenges. The envelope was tipped-on to the last signature – jogged to the head and inset 1/8” at face and foot. The acetate was cut in very small lifts.

All pieces were hand collated and then handfed on the perfect binder.

Product of Excellence (Best of Category)

Category: Stitching – Foldouts

Title of Entry: Briggs & Riley

70,000 books. 38 pp plus 6 pp cover. This book was cut, scored, gluefolded, gathered, stitched and trimmed.

The cover required full-size foldout on back, flush at face. Inside had three 6 pp roll signatures, each with 3 ¾” HF flap, flush at face; two 6 pp accordion signatures, each with 3 ¾” LF flap, flush at face and one parallel 8 pp signature with 3 ¾” accordion fold LF flap and 3 ¾” roll HF flap, flush at face.

All signatures had ½’ head and foot trims to allow glue folding to hold the folds when feeding through the stitcher. Glued head and foot allowances were trimmed off. Line ups were critical throughout and an adjustment had to be made to minimize one form that was printed slightly off.