PBS Receives Award of Recognition

Vancouver, BC  Binding Industries Association Recognizes Pacific Bindery for Exceptional Work

PBS Wins Award of Recognition in the Adhesive Binding Category

Project Title: Questions Answered

This product was perfect bound and saddle stitched into the same “Z” cover. 42 pp were perfect bound and 32 pp were saddle stitched. D-tape was applied to cover, creased and die-cut out to size.

Perfect bound 42 pp book had mull paper applied to spine (as we would for a lay-flat book) to provide strength to the book and then trimmed 3 sides to fit cover. Then the 32 pp book portion was saddle stitched and trimmed to size and hand stitched to cover. Removed d-tape backing and hand inserted perfect bound book into cover with saddle stitched book already stitched in.

Critical that all three components (Z cover; perfect bound text block and saddle stitched text block) fit nice and flush. PUR adhesive was used for the perfect bound book.

Product of Excellence Award for PBS

Binding Industries Association Recognizes PBS with Product of Excellence Award (Best of Category)

Title of Entry:  Creo Staccato

Stock:  Various – Coated, Uncoated and Lightweight Newsprint and Polypropylene.  This project came to us with extremely challenging time criteria.  We had to turn a minimum 2000 books within 2 days as our End Customer needed these books for DRUPA – the show was starting within days of our receiving this job.

We have never produced a book like this before on our binder – it took more time than we had; perseverance; creativity; an excellent relationship with our printer customer – good communications were key; (also trust and some luck) to make this project work.

20,000 copies; finished size 8 ¼ x 11 11/16”  2 Fly sheets plus 5 French Folds plus 7 inserts plus map plus pocket cover.

French folds and inserts are interleaved throughout the book.  All pages are full size except the inserts which are only 8 ¼ x 8 3/8 and have a 3 1/8” hole die cut in them.  Because of the French folds and pocket cover, there is no face trim possible, therefore all components processed ‘to size’ on the face.

The first three sheets had to be tipped together in order to feed on the binder.  The 1st leaf is a 2.5 pt polypropylene with a window that must register with the sheet below it.  The 2nd leaf is a 2 ¾ pt Newsprint stock.  The 3rd leaf is the first insert.  The 5 French folds required gluing at the binding edge (hidden in the center) in order to feed on the binder.

Due to the accordion folded map, and in order to feed it on the binder, it required gluing in the head and the foot areas which was later trimmed off during the final trim stage.

This job required two passes on our perfect binder.  First pass to gather all text pages – jogging to the foot.  The second pass, text with pocketed cover, jogging to the head.  Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive was used.

Certificate of Merit Awards

Binding Industries Association Awards Certificate of Merit to  PBS

Category:  Adhesive Binding

Title of Entry: Vermillion Annual Report 2005

30,000 books. 28 pp plus 4 inserts plus 6 pp cover.

This book was cut, folded and Perfect Bound with Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive. Front cover has a full size fold out and is flush at face. The inserts were pre-trimmed and jogged to the foot and gathered between signatures.

The title of the A/R was “We’re stronger than ever”, the designer wanted the book to complement that message. A 12 pt Cover was used and a fold out front reinforced that sturdiness. Inside pages are a super smooth 100 lb text, interspersed with short sheets of 100 lb gloss.

Certificate of Merit Awards for Pacific Bindery Services

Category Name: Folding

Title of Entry: La Scala

2,500 books. 22 pp plus 8 foldouts and cover. Perfect Bound with Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive.

Lots of white space on this cover, which is very sensitive to marking. The design technique of having the foldouts vary (short and long; front opening and back opening) engaged the audience and increased the complexity. There were three foldouts that bound on the HF stub and three foldouts that bound on the LF stub – all were pre-folded, flush at face.

Additionally there were two short foldouts, also pre-folded and flush at face. Fit (opening and closing foldouts), pre-trimming, handfeeding, tight tolerances were all characteristics of this high end and demanding job.

Best of Category Award

This Entry from PBS Won the Special Products, Best of Category Award, Product of Excellence, Binding Industries Association

Title of Entry:  Curious

Stock:  Text:   flysheets – Curious translucents, clear; various Curious Metallics and  Particles/lightspecks; Curious soft whipped cream; Cover Curious Touch Soft Milk.  22,000 books.  8 5/8 x 10 7/8” – 2 flysheets and 44 pp plus cover.

A Swatch book with many different types and weights of paper. The challenge with this job was associated with the stock used for the cover and 1-4 pp inside the book.  Due to the “velvety” texture of one side of the paper, the stock could not be jogged or handled as usual when 2 pieces of the same material came in contact with each other.  Therefore the 4 pp inside the book (which had the velvet texture on the outside) had to be cut to two single sheets.  This created challenges and a high degree of difficulty when feeding on the perfect binder.

The cover was not a feeding problem since it could be fed out of the cover feeder as the nature of the feeder has the inside (smooth finished) sliding on the textured side.

The challenge with the cover came when the books came to the trimmer.  When arriving at the trimmer the velvety side was on the outside front and back cover and could not be handled in the trimmer or even by hand.  Our solution was to hand tip a temporary ‘fly sheet’ onto the outside of the cover before binding.

This created a new feeding challenge – one we had never attempted before.  Once the books got through the trimmer, with the flysheet, we had bound a beautiful book complete with a protective false cover that easily removes since the glue that tipped it on was trimmed off in the final trim process.

This book demonstrates use of out-of-the-box thinking to work with challenging projects.